DIY: Glittery Business Card Holder

Ideally, my entire desk would be covered in gold glitter, but this glittery business card holder will have to do for now.

This DIY was super easy (and cheap!). Just apply the Mod Podge to the business card holder (I got mine at Staple’s for $0.99) with a sponge brush, cover in glitter, let dry & repeat until you’re satisfied with the glittery-ness. Apply another layer of Mod Podge and let dry overnight. Enjoy!




Target + Neiman Marcus + CFDA = match made in shopping heaven

Well, since I’m trying to live frugally until the holidays to save money for prezzies, I guess i’ll just have to dream of all of these amazing goodies from Target and Neiman Marcus’ collab with the CFDA. I’m so excited it’s all finally out — although I do hope that all of those weird commercials during Revenge are coming to a close soon…I am so not into it! Maybe someday i’ll be able to pedal around on an Alice + Olivia bike and bake hipster cookies…


Screen Shot 2012-12-02 at 6.20.38 PM

[Altuzarra Double Old-Fashioned Glasses, $49.99 (set of 4); Band of Outsiders Hats, $29.99 (set of 2); Alice + Olivia bike, $499.99; Band of Outsiders cookie cutters, $29.99; Marc Jacobs Pouch, $69.99; Alice + Olivia luggage, $179.99]

First Star to the Right…

I have never really been a statement necklace person. I’ve always admired them, enjoyed stealing borrowing them from other people on occasion, and will spend an hour trying on every single one at Forever 21…but I just can’t make the commitment. I tend to prefer delicate necklaces with a thin chain, a charm or two, and typically lightweight enough for me to forget that I’m wearing one most of the time (think Dogeared, Maya Brenner, or Tiffany). My personal style is a little bit more understated and I tend to shy away from anything too trendy — although I do love a great cocktail ring, sparkly nail polish and I did have a bright purple streak in my hair at one point in time… (I know…maybe someday pics will resurface). Yesterday, I walked past a really stylin’ lady on the street in the most adorable Peter Pan collared shirt…until I realized, it wasn’t a Peter Pan collared shirt at all! She was sporting a Peter Pan collar NECKLACE!! Oh, the possibilities! I don’t know where I was when this trend first surfaced in the Spring (under a rock in denial that there could be a statement necklace out there for me? probably.), but I’m definitely into it right now. And besides, who doesn’t love a good Peter Pan reference?

Here are some of the contenders for a coveted spot in my jewelry box:

Well, I’m obviously drawn to neutrals (ha!) — oh well, baby steps!

What do you think of this trend? Love it? Hate it? A little bit of both?

[Wrapables Elegant Crystal Peter Pan Collar Necklace, $25.99; Trendy Collars (Etsy), $21.90; ASOS Snake Print Collar Necklace, $26.39; Collar at Your Girl, $32.99; An Ornate Fate Collar Necklace, $21.99; ASOS Multi-Chain Rounded Collar Necklace, $21.99]