Weekend Update: Lake Tahoe


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I was lucky enough to spend the Fourth of July in Lake Tahoe with some of my favorite people. It was so wonderful to spend some time out of the city – it’s always nice to slow down a little bit and remember that there’s more to life than our 9-5’s.

Today is also my one year anniversary of living in SF, and what a wild and crazy ride it’s been. If the next year is anything like this past one has been, I’m one lucky girl. Thanks for having me, San Francisco – I love ya!


Cabin Love

I was perusing one of my favorite blogs, SF Girl by Bay, and found a new one to love: Cabin Porn. It’s a beautiful – and I mean BEAUTIFUL – compilation of various cabins, bungalows, cottages, etc., in amazing locales. It’s definitely worth a look – the detailed architecture is a feast for the eyes and I mean…talk about a virtual escape.

I’ve included some of my favorites below, but make sure to head over to Cabin Porn and see for yourself!

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Weekend Update: BottleRock Napa

This past weekend, we played hooky on Friday and headed up to Napa Valley for the very first ever BottleRock Napa – five days (I KNOW…unfortunately we could only hang Friday through Sunday) of amazing bands entertaining the festival-loving masses in the wine country.


We drank too much champagne, danced ’til we dropped, and fell into our sleeping bags every night exhausted, oh-so-sunburned and happy. It was such a refreshing break from the hustle and bustle of city life, and a perfect way to spend the weekend.


My faves (if I HAVE to choose) were The Black Keys, Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros, Alabama Shakes, Grouplove, Iron & Wine and Rogue Wave. Whole Foods sponsored the most amazing food garden, my favorite being The Q Restaurant’s stand that proudly (as they should be!) dished up pulled pork sammies with creamy cole slaw (I think I actually dreamed about that cole slaw last night…) I could spend the rest of my life at a music festival – if I was allowed to shower, that is – and it was so fun to experience the first year of BottleRock…I think I’m ready to start planning next year’s trip!

Golden Lady

This week, I finally got to see Golden Gate bridge from the Marin Headlands, and let me tell you — it is AMAZING. Every viewpoint was packed with people, and you couldn’t blame ’em. The sun was shining, the Bay was a deep turquoise and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. We eventually made our way over to Point Bonita to see the lighthouse (G’s grandpa’s panoramic photographs hang inside!), and it was a perfect day for a little hike.

I was thinking about how many times I’ve seen the the bridge since I’ve been in San Francisco and how different it looks every time. I looked back through the photos I’ve taken and decided to make a little collage of my favorite lady in the city.

Golden Lady

Weekend Update — Beach Day

I know this weekend update is coming a week late (oops!) but this past week has been a little crazy with New Year’s Eve, traveling and getting back into the swing of things here in SF. Excuses, excuses. Anyway — last weekend, Hannah, Gawain and I took a little trip to Cannon Beach to see the coast, hit up Moe’s and (obviously) head to Bruce’s Candy Kitchen. It was the perfect day at the beach and I am SO glad we went.

Beach view

Hannah Portrait


lens flares

Rachel + Hannah

Jumping lady!


* Sidenote, this photo was taken when I took a wrong turn driving over to Moe’s and thought I was lost. But instead, I found the homes that get to live with this view all day & night — LUCKY.


The Oregon coast is special (it’s definitely not “the beach” and there aren’t sailboats everywhere and people laying out) but it has its own brand of Pacific Northwest magic that I have loved my whole life.


Escape to: Morocco

I have always been fascinated with Morocco. I imagine stretching out on a jewel-toned rug under the warm desert sun after a long day shopping in the souks (and probably scoring some amazing silver rings). Also, they have elephants there. Done and done.

I love artists that incorporate the North African sparkle into their interiors and designs, and I try to incorporate that into my own aesthetic. The bright colors, traditional rugs and wedding blankets and the way that Moroccan design incorporates bold geometric shpaes and decorative adorments are so beautiful to me. Morocco is definitely high on my list of dream destinations and I can’t wait to visit and bring back some goodies for myself…but until then, maybe I’ll DIY this pouf! 

via Design*Sponge via. Elle Decor via. Elle Decor via. Elle Decor via. Elle Decor via. Eva Designs via. HGTV via. HGTV via. Marrakesh by Desigh

Sidenote — today, at I was shopping around at Anthropologie and found these beautiful placements and matching table runner. They kind of remind me of the Moroccan wedding blanket with the cream color scheme and silver metallic woven in. I love ’em!

via. Anthropologie
via. Anthropolgie


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