First Star to the Right…

I have never really been a statement necklace person. I’ve always admired them, enjoyed stealing borrowing them from other people on occasion, and will spend an hour trying on every single one at Forever 21…but I just can’t make the commitment. I tend to prefer delicate necklaces with a thin chain, a charm or two, and typically lightweight enough for me to forget that I’m wearing one most of the time (think Dogeared, Maya Brenner, or Tiffany). My personal style is a little bit more understated and I tend to shy away from anything too trendy — although I do love a great cocktail ring, sparkly nail polish and I did have a bright purple streak in my hair at one point in time… (I know…maybe someday pics will resurface). Yesterday, I walked past a really stylin’ lady on the street in the most adorable Peter Pan collared shirt…until I realized, it wasn’t a Peter Pan collared shirt at all! She was sporting a Peter Pan collar NECKLACE!! Oh, the possibilities! I don’t know where I was when this trend first surfaced in the Spring (under a rock in denial that there could be a statement necklace out there for me? probably.), but I’m definitely into it right now. And besides, who doesn’t love a good Peter Pan reference?

Here are some of the contenders for a coveted spot in my jewelry box:

Well, I’m obviously drawn to neutrals (ha!) — oh well, baby steps!

What do you think of this trend? Love it? Hate it? A little bit of both?

[Wrapables Elegant Crystal Peter Pan Collar Necklace, $25.99; Trendy Collars (Etsy), $21.90; ASOS Snake Print Collar Necklace, $26.39; Collar at Your Girl, $32.99; An Ornate Fate Collar Necklace, $21.99; ASOS Multi-Chain Rounded Collar Necklace, $21.99]


One thought on “First Star to the Right…

  1. Well, I’ve seen people wearing necklaces like these before and usually don’t like it. It might be because the person I saw wearing it…well, let’s just say I’m not a fan. However, I’ve always dug your style and think you can pull anything off! I think you should try it, it doesn’t hurt right?

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